Hobby enthusiasts have gear. Athletes have gear. Believe it or not, disciples have gear. Our gear serves to make us athletes of prayer and enthusiasts for a kingdom which shall not pass away.

What gear is needed for Christian discipleship in the Anglican Tradition? Two simple things: the Bible and the Book of Common Prayer.

Recommended additions include a complimentary Bible translation (see below), a St. Augustine’s Prayer Book, and a hymnal.


Each household should have at least one text only Bible and one Study Bible.

One translation should be a 20th Century translation in the great tradition of the King James Version (RSV, ESV). A modern translation is also recommended for comparison and compliment (NIV, NLT).

Specific favorites are in italics.


Revised Standard Version w/Apocrypha  (RSV)

English Standard Version (ESV)
Hardcover, regular print
Hardcover, large print
Many other options are available

New International Version (NIV)

New Living Translation (NLT)


NLT Study Bible

NIV Study Bible

ESV Study Bible

The New Oxford Annotated Bible with the Apocrypha, Revised Standard Version, Expanded Edition


Book of Common Prayer 1979
Reader’s Edition

Chancel Edition

Pew Edition

St. Augustine’s Prayer Book
Available for $25 through parish office or online here or here

Traditional St. Augustine’s Prayer Book
available online here


1982 Hymnal

Prayer Book/Hymnal Combination

These are books for daily use. With time they will become well-worn, indispensable tools promoting growth “in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” (2 Pt. 3:18).

In future posts I will offer recommendations for spiritual reading and study for disciples starting, continuing, and extending a walk with Jesus.

Grace and peace,

Fr. Crosthwait+